Dr. Edwin Nuwagira

Dr. Edwin Nuwagira (MMED) received a 2021 American Thoracic Society (ATS) Community Diversity Grant for his project “Improving Pulmonary Function After Tuberculosis in Uganda (IMPACT-U).” IMPACT-U is an implementation research study whose primary goal is to improve lung (pulmonary) function and health-related quality of life lived by TB survivors in Uganda. As a result of this, a post-TB clinic that operates every Wednesday has been opened to attend to patients who completed TB treatment presenting with health-related or psychosocial complaints. The clinicians and researchers who interact with patients that previously suffered from TB are encouraged to refer them to the post TB clinic for long-term follow-up and care. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the oldest diseases of mankind which mainly affect the lungs and, in some cases, causes irreversible lung damage. Most treatment programs have a goal of killing the bug (microbiological cure) with no follow-up care. TB survivors often present with health-related complaints, suffer stigma and are unwilling to share their experiences at other clinics for fear of being labeled infectious, yet they cannot be attended to at the TB treatment unit because they were cured.